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Posted by Kero at Monday, October 08, 2007

After spending a busy day or week from work, most people take a break and immerse themselves in going to a spa to get that much needed pressing for their sore muscles. In other words, people relax these days by treating themselves to an overall wellness that greatly includes getting a massage. It is no wonder that the demand for massage therapy business is steadily increasing. And if you find yourself with a talent for giving a massage or in the profession, then read further on how you can make money out of your gift.

There is a website called that focuses on massage therapy. It aims to help people with such exemplary talents to become better massage therapist and if interested, how to run their own massage therapy business. The site was launched middle of this year with the best intention of creating an environment for therapists to become better on their trade. Through this site, massage therapists can exchange ideas and opinions to further improved their craft.

One will find vast articles written by professional therapists and holistic healers with helpful topics ranging from:
  1. Running a massage therapy business from home
  2. Marketing your business and increasing your client base
  3. Improving your massage therapy and healing techniques
  4. Finding massage therapy schools
  5. Tips and tricks from bodywork professionals
  6. Laws, regulations, and news in the massage therapy and holistic healing industries
  7. All the things that a massage therapist needs to know to earn a living in the industry.
Mothers and wives will also learn a lot from Hubby and i take turns in giving a massage and I've often wondered if i can make my own massage oil because the ones we see in the pharmacy in their miniature bottles are quite expensive. The author of the site, Willow Myles, gladly shares a recipe here.

So if you are a massage geek, a new wife discovering the massage therapy as a great way to help your husband to relax, or a soon-to-be mom like me who feels greatly pampered with a massage, I urge you to visit Share what you know, post a comment and thereby strengthen and widen the massage geek community. Visit now and click the banner below!

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