Tuesday, October 30, 2007

Pregnancy Myths

Posted by Kero at Tuesday, October 30, 2007
Good evening everyone. I met a new friend today. She lives in the next villa and she is also pregnant like me. She is only on her 8 weeks and she asked advise on prenatal vitamins, food cravings, hospitals, and ob-gyn. I patiently answered all her queries and it felt funny hearing myself so comfortable talking about pregnancy and motherhood! Last year, it never occurred to me that i will be pregnant one day hihi.

Anyway, the incident reminded me to continue with my posts on pregnancy myths. So am listing here another three...

Pregnancy myth #3 --Your food craving will help you figure out the sex of the baby.

I was once told that if i do not crave for cheese, the baby will most likely be a boy. I don't know how much truth is in there but i really did not crave for anything cheesy on my first tri-sem (like i said in my previous entry). When i had my ultrasound on the 5th month, the ob-gyn said i am carrying a baby boy. I had my ultra sound again last month, and we were told again that we are definitely having a baby boy. According to medical experts, neither any food craving nor any shape or size of the tummy will help a pregnant woman figure out the sex of the baby. With the availability of the ultrasounds, there really is no need for suspense.

Pregnancy myth #4 -- Do not eat pineapple and papaya in pregnancy
Normal consumption of ripe papaya poses no significant danger. However, medical experts say that unripe and semi ripe papaya (which can cause marked uterine contractions) can be unsafe in pregnancy. Pineapple contains the enzyme bromelain, but in a minute quantity; a person would have to consume at least seven pineapples to have any effects. The most likely effect of eating a large amount is bowel stimulation, which can kick start the uterine action, similar to the way castor oil can.

Pregnancy myth #5 --You cannot take any medication in pregnancy
We are always adviced not to pop any pill without first consulting our doctor. There is no need to suffer great pain (like you will experience in your dental appointment) by completely avoiding medication. There are many medications that are safe in pregnancy; when in doubt, ask your doctor.

For those who missed the previous entry, you can look on the category on my sidebar and click on pregnancy myths. Thank you very much for visiting and good night!!

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