Tuesday, January 11, 2011

Sweet Business!

Posted by Kero at Tuesday, January 11, 2011
I just arrive from The Dubai Mall where I met my friend Chef J. I previously shared to you about her cupcake business that is about to take off anytime between February and March. 

We met for a cup of machiatto and she was very thrilled to show me the business cards she ordered for printing. The design was very charming and really suits her personality. I felt a little pang of sadness though because I don't think I will ever have my name printed on such small and elegant stationery lol!

Anyway, Chef J treated me to a huge serving of Dean & Deluca dessert because she also wants to start a website for her business and she wants some pointers. Since she is just starting, she simply wants a page where she can post and update photos of her dessert creations. Something that will keep her in touch online with her customers and where they will also be able place orders but cash on delivery basis.

I am a novice on web development but I explained that she can start a business blog using the Wordpress platform. To make it more professional though, she needs to buy a domain and look for web hosting services to host the site. I referred her to a site which has an extensive web hosting directory. It includes ipage, blue host, fatcow, and hostmonster. I am very grateful for the site because when I was looking for a service to host our family  blog, they made my online research easier as their experienced webmasters rank the 10 cheapest web hosting services available.

Chef J was thrilled at the idea of  starting her own little place in the world wide web. Even more so when I informed that once the site is up and running, we can make a Facebook Fan Page. Her face lit up in pure delight! I love it when I can make my friends happy. 

Hmnnnn will my two-red-velvet-addict-boys get discount coupons? We'll see =)

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