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Ceasar's Current Projects

Posted by Kero at Wednesday, January 12, 2011
We haven't had a movie date for the longest time now but I am not complaining. I am setting my sights on Armani Hotel lol! Hubby is at his busiest days right now. He says the current  pressure is similar to when he was working in Saudi Arabia. I previously shared how we spent our weekend in Abu Dhabi. Prior to that, he brought us along to his site in Al Ain because he has to attend a meeting on  a Saturday (waaaaah!). Then there is the PPM Conrad Hotel beside Fairmont Dubai and the residential villas in Oman. 

The other day he came home  in high spirit after a meeting in Masdar City. The on-going project was visited by the US Secretary of State Hillary Clinton. [Clinton is currently rounding up cities in the Middle East to build relations with the leaders in the region. Unfortunately, her meeting with President Khalifa was cancelled due to personal injury which occurred  while HRH Khalifa was doing his daily exercise.]

Clinton praised the Masdar vision because this is the first of its kind in the world. It is currently gaining fast prestige around the world and Hubby is just so thrilled to be part of it. Masdar (meaning source in Arabic) is a project in the capital located beside the Abu Dhabi International Airport. The walled city will rely entirely on solar energy and other renewable energy sources with a sustainable zero-carbon, zero waste ecology. It costs around $22 billion and will take eight years to build. It started in 2006.

The project site is heavily restricted but Hubby says you will see thousands of solar panels in the area. All the residents there will have solar rooftops. And just so you'll believe, have a look =)

Workers laying out solar panels. (Photo credit here)

Photo credit here

Hubby's site in Al Ain. This is an all-girls school due to finish in February.

Beams at the forefront are called hollow and they are Hubby's elements.

Erection for hollow core slabs.

The little boy blue is busy =). See more of my post on precast world here

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