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The Christmas Special By David Hearne

Posted by Kero at Wednesday, August 18, 2010
As of writing, we have exactly 128 days to go before the biggest and the merriest Christian celebration on earth - the birth of Christ. We all look forward to the time where the earth is at its most peaceful state. The lovely decked Christmas trees, holly decors, children carolers, gift-givings, the endless parties, and the mistletoe that melt the hearts of people around the world. But what if we wake up on Christmas morning and instead of the joyful tradition of opening our gifts, we are faced with terrorist attack more devastating than 9/11?

Such is the plot of The Christmas Special, a political thriller by renowned political novelist, David Hearne. It exposes a major terrorist attack to be carried out on Christmas morning led by Sheeva's father. Sheeva is a 16-year-old migrant from Afghanistan. Her father who is a doctor by profession, was given political asylum in the United States because of his assistance to the US Forces.

In another dark twist, Sheeva's father regularly beats his daughter as a punishment for her westernized ways. Unknown to all, Sheeva is in-love with a 19-year-old American boy. When Sheeva learns about the terror plot, along with her boyfriend, they decide to alert the authorities. But they find out that if exposed, her boyfriend can be charged with statutory rape and other charges of lascivious acts with a minor. If convicted, the boyfriend will be registered as sex offender for the rest of his life.Thus the reader is thrust to a moral dilemma.Should they come out and inevitably end their relationship to save thousands of people or simply remain silent?

I think that there is something for everybody in the book. With its modern day Romeo and Juliet characters, the readers learning more about nuclear power plants (because it is the target of the terror attack), and the east vs west tumultuous history, I am thinking this will make an interesting present. to  all our friends here in Dubai and abroad.  The Middle East readers will be especially on the lookout as  the United States signed a nuclear power deal with United Arab Emirates.

The Christmas Special will be released in fall 2010 so that gives me ample time to send copies  to our friends who are now residing in the the US, Canada, and Italy  just in time for Christmas. Gladly, our friends like us, are avid book collectors.

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