Wednesday, May 25, 2011

Make Quick Money From Old Gold Jewels

Posted by Kero at Wednesday, May 25, 2011
 Last night, our Indian neighbors spent pizza dinner with us. They rang the doorbell around eight o'clock in the evening just as we were about to start supper. Hubby came home an hour late due to heavy traffic hence the late meal. 

We welcomed them in and offered extra seats around the dinner table. Luckily, I ordered Domino's crispy melt supreme pizza which is only available in large size so there  was enough slices to share. The couple were quick to announce the purpose of their visit. The husband had been let go by the company and they have one month to clear everything before flying back to India.

The wife asked me if I would be willing to buy some of her gold jewels. She opened the  velvet box she was carrying and it contained lustrous necklace, earrings, brooch, rings, everything you can imagine to adorn one's self. I was speechless. I've never seen such huge gold collection in person! But I always hear that Indians, especially the ladies do go crazy about golds. I felt so sorry for them that they were letting go what probably was their collection during their five-year stay in Dubai.

Feeling their urgent need, Hubby asked me to choose pieces I'd like to buy. Unfortunately, the impulsive buyer on me does not extend to gold. I spend on clothes but not on jewelries. The wife looked more dejected but I told her about a site I recently read about. It is called where they offer cash for gold, silver, platinum, and other jewels. They will probably get more of their gold jewels' worth rather than knocking and begging from one apartment to another.

The couple left happy hearing the prospect buyer online. Websites offering cash for gold are plenty but the site I mentioned to them is insured and pays within 24 hours after receipt of your gold jewels. They also accept gold broken link chains, outdated jewels, gold coins, and best of all, they have experienced appraisers which assures you will be getting a fair deal.

For those interested in cash for gold trade but apprehensive on privacy, prides itself for being discreet and customer names are kept confidential.

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