Thursday, May 5, 2011

Be Emergency Prepared With Freeze Dried Food

Posted by Kero at Thursday, May 05, 2011

 Being an expatriate family is perhaps one of the most adventurous, challenging, and riskiest family status. You do earn more than what you will normally get in your home country but there is also a bigger chance of waking up one day and be informed that you had been let go by your company. Once you lose your job, you lose your visa and the right to remain in the rich-oil country. Added to that, there is an ongoing instability in neighboring Middle East countries. We may have been spared of earthquakes, tornadoes and tsunamis but there is a huge cloud of war looming above our skies threatening whatever economic stability we are currently enjoying.
We can only hope and pray and be prepared. Being prepared means you can live for six months without your job. Being prepared means you have food on the table regardless of the situation. All these visited my thoughts this morning when I read about an on-going trend on smart food storage. These days, you can buy freeze dried food that can last for 25 years. They remove the moisture content but the flavor and vitamins are retained. This way, it is easier and lighter to pack and store away.

 My interest was piqued so I went on to research. The website provides comprehensive information on how we should buy free dried food for emergency. We ought to look around for a company that has been long around to provide guaranty. If we have kids, we should see that the food we chose to store will provide them enough vitamins and minerals. They even provide a link to help you calculate on how much food you should buy and store.

I think it's a brilliant idea and the website is generous enough to provide discounts on group buying. They are also giving away  a bonus pack of food and drinks worth $400 if you buy three-months supply.

If you are like us who wants to have peace of mind and be prepared at all cost, then maybe you should check it out. 

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