Thursday, December 23, 2010

Upholstery Talk

Posted by Kero at Thursday, December 23, 2010
That definitely sums up my morning, lol! I just got off the phone talking to my Uncle M in US. I called to to say thank you for the Christmas package his family sent to us. It arrived yesterday and my call of gratitude was just in time because his family was about to leave their house.

Uncle M and his family are driving to a nearby hotel. They  chose to spend the Christmas week in one of the hotels in the district because their living room is currently empty making it impossible to entertain guests. All their furniture are being restored by Upholstery Portland.

Apparently, the company's schedule is very tight due to customer demand that the only time they can accommodate  my Uncle's home furnishings is during Christmas week. Nobody protested because the antique dining chairs were wedding gift from his parents thus it holds a sentimental value. They always go to extra lengths to maintain it.

On an earlier phone call, his wife excitedly related to me that finally, after five years. their home furnishings and dining chairs will receive free in-home  inspection and estimates. This gives them more time to bond with their two young daughters. They were very impressed with Upholstery Portland services that even if it falls on a time when friends and relative should come over to their house, they went on with the scheduled restoration.

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