Thursday, July 17, 2008

feeding my Prince

Posted by Kero at Thursday, July 17, 2008
I introduced solid food to my little boy at 5 months, 2 weeks. I started with iron-fortified whole grain oatmeal from Earth's Best. I mix it with breast milk and feed him the oatmeal during breakfast. When he turned six month, I introduced Milupa and Cerelac, yoghurt, and cheese along with fruits and vegetables such as banana, apple, avocado, kiwi, carrots, broccolli, and spinach. He likes them all so far except for mashed potato. I noticed too that he doesn't like his food runny, so everything is prepared like the texture of a feta cheese. Well, i hope when we move to chunkier size, he will love some potato wedges.

Also i have started to mix his feeding with Promil. He likes drinking it straight from his cup but not when i put it in a bottle. He does not complain but he ends up chewing the nipple instead of sucking it all. Hubby says i should not be worried since Andreas is still drinking mostly from my breast so he is not deprived of any nutrients. Yes, until this day, our little prince has is not taking any vitamins. A lot of people recommended but we opted not to give him unless he is really sick.

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