Wednesday, June 1, 2011

Invitation To A Baby Shower

Posted by Kero at Wednesday, June 01, 2011
I received a lovely baby blue envelope yesterday from our neighbor. It's an invitation to a baby shower for expectant Mom in our building. I really admire the ladies for their efforts, you know. When husbands leave for work and kids board the school bus, they gather on the courtyard with their mug of coffee and plan the day. I sometimes watch them through the French window while blogging. They've asked me twice to join them but oh gosh, I am always busy with write-ups.

I feel guilty now so I gotta make-up for a nice present. I spoke to the preggy Mom and she's a picture of a healthy pregnancy. This is their first baby and like any excited parents, they are buying all sorts of cute baby clothes and toys and feeding bottles. I asked if there is anything else they haven't bought and she said that they're still deciding on the crib and mattress. Apparently, she is reading through crib mattress reviews and when she became aware of the hidden dangers, she thought it best to consult baby experts before buying.

Well I want to give the family something that will last long so here I am also brushing on crib mattress ratings before heading to a Mothercare store tomorrow. I asked another Mom on the third floor if we could share on the gift and she agreed. She's also one busy Mommy, she does part-time photography so she asked me to look around and then we will half the bill.

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jehan on June 1, 2011 at 6:47 PM said...

that's so sweet of you Kero.. our little one's crib is borrowed, kkk.. visitors would gush about it and ask us why we spent on such expensive crib.. they'd admire my friend when we tell them it's actually borrowed, kkk...


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