Monday, June 6, 2011

Secure Parcel Delivery Boxes

Posted by Kero at Monday, June 06, 2011
A week ago, I missed a delivery from FedEx because I was at Geant Hypermarket doing weekly grocery. I felt terribly disappointed because the shipment from Kirkman Laboratories was already a week delayed due to inconsistent airway bill. Dubai Customs would not release it because there was  a huge discrepancy on the total amount appearing on the commercial invoice. After days of sending e-mails and begging Kirkman, their international representative was able to fix it and the shipment was released. Only that I missed the delivery.

So here I am again waiting. That is one minute disadvantage of online shopping. You have to be there when the delivery occurs. Maybe I will ask Hubby if we can install one of those Asgard secure parcel delivery boxes I see on shopping network. It is made of high quality, rust-free, and weather-proof metal with secure locks. Some boxes are even equipped with special key-locks that are password-enabled.

I think it is worth buying a parcel delivery box large enough to accommodate books, CDs, and gift items because when the holiday comes, I will be ordering most of our family Christmas gifts online. Also I want to start early for holiday shopping and take advantage of discount offers.

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