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How To Take Care Of Your Valuable Art Collection

Posted by Kero at Thursday, June 09, 2011
We've always been collecting wall arts. We bought our first artwork by Modigliani in 2006, the same year that we married. Coupled with my husband's sketches, local artists' work, and artworks we bought in Italy, our collection has reached a sizeable amount. A lot of people may not understood but we take pride in them. I'm not even sure if you can call it as an investment but we feel a sense of satisfaction every time we add another painting to our collection.

Our neighbors had asked frequently how we take care of them. Apparently, whenever they move to a new apartment, all the art works they bought are also left behind since they no longer appear pleasing - the painting faded, frames get dusty and mouldy or at times, insects had crawled under the glass.I share with you then some tips that helped us maintain our art collection.

The art shop in Venice where we bought an acrylic a painting of gondola and the Venice Grand Canal.

1. Frame them. A work on paper should be framed under a glass. Canvas art should be framed without glass but must be stretched properly.

2. Inspect your collection regularly. Check for first signs of deterioration. Frames should be looked regularly for wood-worms.Painting on a canvas can be brushed lightly with a feather duster.

3.Hang your wall arts but avoid walls that catches direct sunlight and humidity. Refrain placing them in rooms with halogen or fluorescent bulbs as the ultraviolet rays can fade the painting.

4. Avoid touching artworks because the moisture and oil in your fingers can ruin the painting.

5.If your paintings cannot be hanged temporarily or for a longer period of time, avoid storing them in the basement or attic. Your best option is to avail one of those professional art storage companies. You can be assured that your valuable art collections will be kept in mesum-quality art storage capability: where climate and light is controlled, temperature and humidity regulated. 

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