Tuesday, December 4, 2007

our new year bedding!

Posted by Kero at Tuesday, December 04, 2007
Ever heard the saying that polka dots on New Year would mean more prosperity? Well, I guess it does not hurt to believe in that, and it has been our family tradition. My Grandma used to dress us up in polka dots when we were younger. Our house too is not spared as she would hang polka dot themed curtains.

I see no harm following this tradition so I went shopping online today for something with polka dots to display around the house. And oh what a discovery I had: a beautiful polka dot bedding. I thought the smell and feel of new beddings will feel great and cozy this coming New Year. Look at this...

I got this lovely polka dot bedding at VisionBedding.com. There were many more beautiful designs to choose from: there were large and small polka dots in various colors but I opted for this one because it perfectly complements our all-white bedroom. The bedding transforms the room, making it fun and playful. Also, I like the clean contrast of red and white because it is easy on the eyes. Plus, the store assured me that the material they used is highly breathable, soft, and durable. Oh, I can't wait f
or the shipment to arrive.

Well, if you are thinking of a make-over for your bedroom, maybe a quick visit to VisionBedding.com will help you get an idea how to start. Visit today!

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