Monday, December 17, 2007

crazy rants and bodacious awards!

Posted by Kero at Monday, December 17, 2007
Happy Sunday everyone! Last week had been a busy one. Hubby celebrated his birthday and we arranged for a Christmas picnic at the Dubai Creek Park. We had a simple lunch of yummy roasted turkey and lots of cakes, sparkling grape juice and beer with our friends. We packed around 9pm tired, but we all enjoyed.

Last week was also spent shopping (in my 38 weeks tummy) for Christmas gifts for hubby's club parties. I wrapped about 25 gifts! Yay! It was all soo tiring and my fingers were numb in between but it was most satisfying to see all those presents in shiny wrappings and ribbons. It is one of the best thing I like about Christmas hihi.

Anyway, I am back and I hope to blog and do reviews until my baby comes out. Really, this waiting game is killing me. I just can't wait to pop out and see my baby!! Good thing I am so addicted to blogging it keeps my mind off the baby. Thank you, my dear visitors for visiting and for checking on me. I am fine and coping, i just have to do some of those wifey duties last week.

Before I sign off tonight, I want to acknowledge these two awards. Sorry ladies for the late claim but I am most honored.

I received this award from Yza of In My World.

Bodacious: Adj. A blend of bold and au
dacious. Remarkable. Noteworthy.

Thank you so much dear, for the recognition.

And somebody loves me in Texas because I got this award...

Thank you so much, Anne! and congratulations on your new laptop!! You deserve it because you are such a sweet, darling wife!

To my other blogger friends, I hope you can visit Yza's In My World and Anne's My Virtual Journal. Do link on them and experience a sincere, beautiful, friendship just like the one they extended to me.

Good night and sweet dreams, everyone!!!

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Yza said...

You're welcome, Kero! Have a nice day! :)


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