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Posted by Kero at Wednesday, March 09, 2011
Last night, we were asked to visit the new apartment and see if everything is in order, in working condition, and report any damage. It is brand new and yet the door opening to the French balcony was not working properly. The gasket was damaged and it would not lock making it unsafe for a child.

The whole place was dusty and it looks like the company is not too enthusiastic to receive tenants. The wide building which reaches up to 7th floor has only 3 tenants - all families - and all are about to leave the area. It's Discovery Gardens I am talking by the way. I have read so many complaints about it but I was hoping they were just too critical. It seems though that there is truth when they said they will not recommend it to other people.

We reported it today to the HR facilitating our rent for the apartment. We were hoping that we would be given other alternative but Hubby called this morning that everything has been finalized. I got so many things running through my mind now. The building is the farthest from IBN Batuta. I know I should be thankful that this is all given to us for free but I can't help but feel so heartbroken. Hubby works very hard for the company and yet...

Anyway, there is a reason for everything. Maybe there is a purpose why we should stay in the area. We've had far worse living condition than what we are about to experience. God is good and He  alone knows when to give what is due to everyone.

For now, I should concentrate on designing the interior and shop for home furnishings. If it's going to be just us in the building, then we should try to make our place as lovely, lively, and welcoming as possible. For a start, we have decided to buy venetian blinds for the small home office and for the two narrow kitchen windows. We are looking for something neutral for the home office and a dash of red blinds to accent the kitchen.

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Ria on March 12, 2011 at 11:51 AM said...

HI Kero,

I already linked you in my blog.

Hope all is well!

Ria C

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