Sunday, March 6, 2011

All About Moi.... Tag From Gwenz

Posted by Kero at Sunday, March 06, 2011
 Thank you to my dear Gwenz of Gwenz Heart for this lovely meme. Have fun and feel free to snag =)

Where is your cell phone?
on top of the dining table

Your hair at its longest. can't be bothered to get a hair cut waaah!

Your father?
is happy with his new family. Thank you, Lord.

Your favorite thing?
fragrant body moisturizers

Your dream last night?
I don't remember. I slept like a baby as I had too much white wine. Hubby insisted we consume it all but after two glasses, he was down snoring hahahaa!

Your favorite drink?
Americano with warm skimmed milk, avocado milk shake, water

Your dream?
 That we should be together, always as a family.

The room you are in?

How do you divide a studio?hahaaa

Your fear?
 Hubby's health.....he is such a bloody workaholic and I am seething he is skipping meals. He lives on sandwich for lunch!

Where do you want to be in 6 years?
 Still here in Dubai...and probably visited new cities as well.

Blueberry muffins...hmmnnn.

One of your wish list items?
To stay in Al Maha Desert Resort and Spa

Where you grew up?
Mindanao and Batanes.

The last thing you did?
Went out to buy vegetable pulao for Andreas. Omg, he has so much love for Arabic food!

What are you wearing?
white peasant blouse and white skirt
Your TV?
Its broken hahaa

Your pets? 
 None. But I want a dog =)

Your computer?
Acer.Always an Acer. My reliable Acer who has never let me down for five glorious years!

Missing someone? 
My grandparents and my siblings.

Your car?
 Flabby and aging (according to Amit) Fortuner, but we love it so much and we won't sell it.

Favorite store?

Your summer?
 Hopefully discover new place.

Your favorite colour?
 white?...and  cheery lavender

When is the last time you laughed? 
 Last night. Hubby and puns!

Last time you cried? 
 Yesterday while watching Glee hahahaaa

Three people who texted me? 
 Hubby, Etisalat (my service provider), Emirates NBD (my bank)

Three of my favorite foods? 
 baked salmon (I learned the recipe from Gwenz), vegetable pasta, and chicken pandan.

Three people I think will respond? 
.... those who need blog fillers hihihih.

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