Wednesday, December 23, 2009

The Birthday Venue

Posted by Kero at Wednesday, December 23, 2009

The Burj Al Arab Lobby was indeed very impressive :)

We went to Burj last night to pay for our reservation at Al Muntaha. Actually, we planned to go there right after the Motorshow last Saturday but i wanted to see the hotel at night. So i told hubby we go and pay during the weeknights.

We arrived the gate at 8:30. The guard confirmed our reservation but we were told only one of us can go inside th lobby to pay. A caddie will fetch whoever will pay from the gate. My heart sank. Of course i wanted the three of us to witness the Christmas decor inside.

But as we drove pass the guard, we overheard him speak to the radio about a couple coming in to pay. When we reached main gate, the guards checked us and nodded in approval. Giving the rest of the guards a huge smile, we drove passed them and went ahead across the bridge.

We reached the drive way and in the middle was an elevated circular fountain. We stopped right at the glass door and was informed of valet parking. I snatched my bag, camera and carried Andreas. Hubby handed the car keys and we went inside.

There were two huge adorned Christmas trees at the foot of another fountain at the lobby. Sort of like an origami style like what you see at Dubai Festival City. The water shoots up in curves and of course my son was extremely delighted with the sight. There is an aquarium on both sides of the wall.

My two boys settled to watch the fountain and i checked with the reception. Dates and Christmas cookies were offered to all the guests at the lobby. The Asian staff (including Filipinos) were all friendly and accommodating.

Tea, dates, and Chrismas cookies were offered to all guests lounging at the lobby.

After settling the bill, we went to the second level. It turns out that it is the retail area of the hotel. Another fountain greets you on the lobby.

I made a couple of clicks then we decided to go home. Hubby was thrilled to check out the cars he saw earlier parked at the front.

We saw a yellow Lamborghini, a bloddy red Ferrari, some Bentleys, and three Rolls Royce Phantom. The staying guests are all serviced around Dubai with Rolls Royce.

The wind was very chilly outside and we were glad the car arrived in a few seconds.

We are definitely looking forward to Andreas' Birthday Brunch on Saturday at the 27th floor of the 7-star hotel.

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Kayni on December 23, 2009 at 9:20 PM said...

wow, what a grand place to celebrate a birthday =).


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