Tuesday, March 17, 2009

movie marathon

Posted by Kero at Tuesday, March 17, 2009
Now that Andreas' sleeping pattern is more predictable : two hours nap on day time and off to bed at 10 p.m. -- hubby and i are able to sneak in some movie time. It took us a year before we could have film marathon again on the comfort of our couch.

So here's what we have watched for the past weeks.

Well, better late than never. Now i know why Megan Fox is H-O-T. I am excited to see her as the next Lara Croft.


Sooooo lengthy. Hubby fell asleep after few scenes. I patiently tried and tried to finish the movie but The Joker keeps slipping out of the good guys' hands i turned off the TV and joined hubby to bed. I hate myself for not knowing the end but i just could not stomach one more appearance of The Joker.......eer maybe that is why Heath Ledger won the Oscar.

Way much better than the book. Loved every outfit in everyh scene.

If you have seen 300, that was much better.

5. Save The Last Dance 2
Sequels never beat the first movie.

Yippeeee!! I petered hubby to get a copy of the movie. He could not understand what is soo great about vampires hik hik. Whe he finally got one, I asked we watched together. I swear he was planning to doze off on my lap but he too was smitten ahihi. It's a teen flick but heck, we are both looking forward to New Moon.

7. The Kingdom
Must see. You will hate how they portrayed the Prince but it is soo much worth sitting through. I almost considered skipping my bikini for shorts but I am turning 30 next year and i will not let the chance pass.

8. The Transporter 2
Hubby has seen the first movie but this is my first time to hear about it. Soo much better than Batman The Dark Knight. Enjoyed the stunts and the androgynous antagonist.

9. Iron Man
We enjoyed it. Gwyneth was sexy and perfect. Downey was charming.

10. Slumdog Millionaire

You have to see it. You will weep, laugh, marvel how great love is. It's my new favorite movie.

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