Wednesday, November 7, 2007

A-Z of Alternative Health

Posted by Kero at Wednesday, November 07, 2007
Good morning readers! I just finished our laundry, completed a review, received another blog award and a tag but let me do first this entry on alternative health because I know a lot of people are waiting.

R is for Reflexology

Reflexologists believe that the zones of the feet correspond to certai
n areas in the body, and that ill health shows itself in the form of tiny lumps of lactic acid in the feet. By applying gentle but firm pressure on the feet, practitioners claim they can release energy blockages and help to improve the health of the corresponding body part. Reflexology is designed to be used as well as rather than instead of, conventional medicine. Find out more:

S is for Shiatsu

Originating in Japan, the philosophy of shiatsu is that the blockages in the body's energy show themselves in the form of disease. So the shiatsu expert improves the flow by pressing his or her palms, fingers, thumbs, elbows, knees, and feet on specific parts of the patient's body. It is becoming increasingly popular around the world and evidence shows it helps to fight the nausea caused by chemotherapy. Find out more:

T is for Tai Chi Chuan

Often simply known as tai chi, this discipline comes under the umbrella of Chinese medicine. There are five main different styles of tai chi, which range from the slow hand-movement form to those using traditional weapons. But the principle remains the same: that certain movements stimulate and regulate the flow of energy resulting in better balance, cardiovascular fitness and lower anxiety levels. Find out more:

Thank you for your continued interest. Till next entry and have a wacky Wednesday everyone!

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