Wednesday, February 1, 2012

Maids and Moore For All Your Cleaning Needs

Posted by Kero at Wednesday, February 01, 2012
Today, I received some beautiful portrait cards which includes a signed postcard of the President of the United States. My Aunt in Austin sent them as a thank you note for helping her out through the holiday craze.

No I didn't fly to Austin but merely listened to her pour her out over the phone last December. Her husband's real estate work keeps him away for days sometimes even weeks and with two your children, a house, and nurse duty, she was finding it very hard to keep up. And with the Christmas parties, gift shopping, and children's party invitation, she was stressed and exhausted.
I gently told her to hire part-time cleaners but she said she previously did that but found them unreliable. Maybe because they are teens who find it hard to clean-up a whole two-storey house. And she went on to say that perhaps what she really needs right now is a house helper who will clean, do gardening, and take care of the laundry. Then I recalled my cousin's office who avails commercial cleaning services Austin.

I Googled and found out the very same company Maids and Moore also offers maid services Austin.I called back my Aunt and I'm glad she considered because after two weeks, she sent an email saying she's very pleased with her house now and everything is in order. The cleaning and maid services she availed is doing a fantastic job: efficient and reliable -- that she was looking forward to hosting a Christmas lunch knowing somebody else will take care of the cleaning and all.

That's when she asked me how she can properly say thank you so I said a postcard will do.

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