Tuesday, April 26, 2011

Free Travel Guides To US And Canada

Posted by Kero at Tuesday, April 26, 2011

One of the best things about being an expat is the chance to travel and explore as many continents. We spent a spring holiday last year in Europe and visited the glorious cities of Rome, Venice, Tuscany, and Milan. We are now planning to embark on another holiday and this time, we are heading to the great West.

I've always dreamed to see New York. You my dear readers are familiar with that line now as I have made several posts on saving up for the particular dream holiday. From Dubai, the Big Apple is twice as far as Rome. Consequently, th amount we spent in Italy will be twice the amount we need to set foot in the United States.

Thus, I am always in search for tips on how to make this holiday easier on the budget. I came across a fantastic website that gives free vacation guide to United States and Canada. I was extremely delighted because it means a definite savings. I spent about  a hundred Euro buying  Frommer's travel brochures for the four cities we visited!

We always travel as a family so a month before the holiday, I plan,  research thoroughly, and read travel guides. I pour over maps, check on bus tours, study the location of hotels, see the nearest pharmacy and supermarket, go over tourism tips, and try to learn local customs and language. I need to know ahead how we should navigate the new place. This makes me a little more relax while on vacation.

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