Thursday, May 1, 2008

10 minutes to a happy healthy you

Posted by Kero at Thursday, May 01, 2008
Happy Thursday everyone and a Happy Labor Day too! I shall continue my clippings and i hope this will ease any stress you have for the week.

31. Find 100 gratitues in 10 minutes
Feeling grateful for something boosts yo0ur mood. Write down 100 things you're grateful for and look at your list when you're feeling down.

32. Go to sleep for five minutes
Or rather take the power nap.

33. Give your pals a 10 minute rub
The middle of your palm corresponds to the solar plexus reflex point which is the prime for unwinding. Stimulate by massaging it in clockwise direction.

34. Shower in four minutes or less
That's the way to an eco-friendly shower and y
ou'll feel good too about not wasting water.

35. Test your pillow in two seconds

An old pillow increases your risk of fatigue and aches. Get hold of yours and place the
center of it over your arm. If it flops over the sides, you need a new one.

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