Monday, March 16, 2009

French dressing

Posted by Kero at Monday, March 16, 2009
First week of every month is a busy time for me to read and catch up on fashion. I must finish Aquarius, Emirates Woman, and Connector before the weekly supply of Hello and OK Magazine arrives - thanks to the kind security guards hehe. The aforementioned magazines all talked about the recent Paris Fashion Week (where yellow and aquamarine were declared the "it" colors for spring). Too bad because i have just been given the prettiest red dress (which hubby thinks it should have a red shoes to match hihi), so maybe it will have to be packed along with my autumn clothes.

Going back to the topic, i was more interested to see the women who attended the fashion show than the clothes on the catwalk. French women are among my fascination hihi. It all started when hubby and i accidentaly attended a small mass in French language back in December 2006. Needless to say, most in attendance were people in tuxedos, LBDs, and knee-high suede boots. I said my own prayers and halfway through the mass (still not a word understood) i decided to check on the women and their pearls. After all, they are among the worlds most admired women.

They were tall and slim. Most have blonde shoulder length hair. Their curls lay elegantly on their posture perfect shoulders. Older women were in dresses with deep rich colors. The young ladies wore blazer and grey wool shorts with black tights and boots. Some opted for chic long sleeved blouses. Make-up were subtle. Everything was in place. Accesories of pearls and stud earrings finished their polished looks. So it dawned to me why every fashionista will secretly want to be French. From then on, i would carefully look for articles about their fashion and diet.

I share with you today how to unleash your inner Frenchwoman. Because it's easier to copy them than going to Paris.

1. Even ifyou don't have time for a manicure, make sure your nails are clean and covered in clear polish.

2. Always remember Coco Chanels' quote "Elegance is refusal." Don't pile into unnecessary calories.

3. Move at every given opportunity. Trip upstairs is an excuse to tone your thighs.

4. Stay mentally groomed. Keep up with news, latest art exhibitions, and films. Be in the know.

5. Always sleep in your back to avoid wrinkles on your face and decolletage.

6. Don't neglect your feet. It's the attention to detail that sets Frenchwomen apart.

7. Think about your posture. Standing up straight makes you look better groomed immediately.

8. Always carry a natural-coloured lip gloss. You look and feel better groomed if you have glossy lips.

9. Carry a breath freshener or some mints to freshen your mouth.

10. Clean your bags and shoes regularly.

11. White teeth are a must.

12. Exfoliate all over twice a week. Try a body brush.

13. Always wear matching underwear.

14. Learn to tie a scarf. The trick is to start from the front and then bring it back around your neck before neatly tying a knot at the side.

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